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The Transformation of Telecom to Global IP, GATT to GATS

In a previous post I wrote about how the U.S. Clinton-Gore administration used the notion of the Global Information Infrastructure (GII) to push for the adoption of Internet protocols through multilateral trade negotiations and telecom privatization. Below I address how the inclusion of services in trade talks helped facilitate the international spread of the Internet […]

The Transformation of Telecom to Global IP – GII to WTO

In the mid-1990s, the international telecommunications world experienced a fundamental transformation. With the introduction of the “Global Information Infrastructure” (GII) in 1994, Vice-President Gore fired a warning shot that was followed up with a series of reforms designed with the globalization of communications services and e-commerce in mind. By 1995, a powerful redefinition was settling […]

E-Commerce with Chinese Characteristics

When Deng Xiaoping, the Communist leader who transformed China into state-centric capitalism had his famous economic realization, “I can distribute poverty or I can distribute wealth,” he probably could not have imagined the power of the Internet and its e-commerce capabilities. Deng and other post-Mao Communist leaders pursued “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” with the argument […]


In a previous post, I discussed some structural characteristics of competitive advantages for digital media firms. Using the framework laid out in Curse of the Mogul: What’s Wrong with the World’s Leading Media Companies as a point of departure, I was able to extend their analysis of traditional media companies to the more dynamic realm […]

How the Web Secures Your Data

Central to facilitating the usefulness of net-centric communications and commerce is the set of protocols that secure private data. Information such as usernames and credit card numbers going through the Internet pass through many types of host routers, as well as your ISP — any of which can constitute a security threat. It is possible […]

Licensing Creative Properties – Merchandise and Characters

One strategy for digital media growth is the licensing of creative intellectual property, a $150.8 billion industry that is increasingly global. Intellectual property law provides protection for creative content and licensing is required when a desired property such as an animated character is controlled with a copyright, trademark or even a patent. Licensing is giving […]

Controversies in Intellectual Property – The Business Method Patent

Disclaimer: The following is a brief overview related to business method patents and should not be considered legal advice. One of the most controversial forms of intellectual property in the digital age is the business method patent (BMP). These deal with particular systems or ways of conducting business and have gained a fair amount of […]

E-Commerce’s Billion Dollar Mondays Still Mark Holiday Shopping Season

Reflecting increasing consumer confidence in a recovering U.S. economy, online shopping for the 2012 holiday season is off to a strong start.[1] According to web analytics company Comscore, some $30 billion has been spent online by mid-December 2012, a 13-percent increase over the same period in 2011. Shopping from home and shopping from the work […]

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