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Thirty-Five Activities Media Degrees Should Anticipate in Digital Work Environments

I have been working on some projects looking at curriculum that combine media and business. Below is a list of activities that are prevalent in work environments organized around digital technologies. 1) Managing creative work and digital innovation 2) Assessing digital threats and opportunities 3) Understanding global media and cultural trends 4) Marketing content and […]


In a previous post, I discussed some structural characteristics of competitive advantages for digital media firms. Using the framework laid out in Curse of the Mogul: What’s Wrong with the World’s Leading Media Companies as a point of departure, I was able to extend their analysis of traditional media companies to the more dynamic realm […]

Three Levels of Digital Media Metrics

As the web transforms both user and institutional practices across the digital media sphere, the search for useful metrics intensifies. The traditional techniques of measuring eyeballs and eardrums for television and radio are insufficient in an environment where digital technologies offer so much more in terms of interaction and transaction capabilities. The three levels of digital and social media metrics mentioned above are part of a process of producing valuable information to understand the effectiveness and success of campaigns, products, and services as well as their contributions to organizational sustainability.

Diffusion and the Five Characteristics of Innovation Adoption

I recently supervised a Master of Science thesis at New York University that dealt with the adoption of social media technologies in a B2B sector.[1] I recommended the student start with the theories of Everett Rogers whose work on the “diffusion of innovations” has been increasingly applied to the marketing of technological innovations, including digital […]


Here is a list of the top social media websites for October 2012 as compiled by eBizMBA [1]. Next to their name is an estimate of Unique Monthly Visitors (EUMVs). I have added links in case you are not familiar with the individual sites but I also highly recommend that you visit the eBizMBA site […]

Music’s Year of the Cloud

I’m heading to Hawaii this January to talk about how cloud computing services and mobile technologies are influencing the music industry at The Pacific Telecommunications Council’s annual conference (PTC ’12: Harnessing Disruption: Global, Mobile, Social, Local). I’ve had some help from my wife who, when she is not marketing green tea for Ito-en NA, is […]

Online Media Business Models: The Intercontinental Interview

Recently I was contacted by Stanislav Serdyukov, a second year Master’s program “Media Management” student in Moscow, Russia at the School of Business and Political Journalism at National Research University – Higher School of Economics. He is working on the master’s project with the theme “The Online Media Business Models and their Transformations” and wanted […]

Setting Up Your IT/Media Enterprise as an LLC

First off, I am neither an accountant nor an attorney so by all means obtain proper counsel for setting up your business. That said, I’m often asked about setting up a company and wanted to point out some options and things to think about when starting up your business. In particular, you should look at […]

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