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Ode to James Larson, SUNY Korea’s First Professor Emeritus

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Remarks at the Congratulatory Plaque Award Ceremony for Professor Emeritus June 5, 2024

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I’m pleased to say a few words as we celebrate SUNY Korea’s first Professor Emeritus.

I came to SUNY Korea eight years ago this past February as the Associate Chair of the Department of Technology and Society, while Professor Larson took on the position of Vice President of Academic Affairs.

So, I would visit his office every weekday morning at 10 am and get these extraordinary briefings. We talked about the history of SUNY Korea and the Songdo area, including international organizations like the United Nations office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) that we have worked with to develop a number of courses for our master’s degree.

We talked a lot about the development of the DTS program, including SUNY Korea’s first graduates, the Master’s degree students in Technological Systems Managementor TSM as we call it. Later, the first undergraduates to get their degrees from SUNY Korea would have a Bachelor of Science in Technological Systems Management.

We had a common background in Communications Technology and Economic Development, so a lot of our focus was on the creation of the undergraduate specialization called ICT4D or Information and Communications Technologies for Sustainable Development, which was initially a hybrid program with the Computer Science Department and stresses 4 areas: Data Science, Networking, Mobility, and Entrepreneurship.

It was also created with the immense help of the late Dave Ferguson, the DTS chair and professor at Stony Brook, who was a regular visitor here in Songdo.

Probably the most important of our discussions was about the history of Korea and its ICT development, particularly Oh Myung’s role in Korea’s digital transformation. This collaboration with Dr. Oh, who got his PhD from Stony Brook in Electrical Engineering, led to many of Professor Larson’s publications, including Digital Development in Korea: Lessons for a Sustainable World that he co-authored with Dr. Oh in 2020.

So, to wrap up, let me just say that Professor Larson has a lot of knowledge about Korea; he has a strong passion for Korea and a strong passion for sharing its story with the world. That is why I’m particularly pleased that he has the platform of Professor Emeritus, so he can continue to research and share his knowledge about Korea’s ongoing digital and thus, social transformation. With the world, and with Korea.

Congratulations Professor Larson.

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Pennings, A.J. (2024, Jun 4) Ode to James Larson, SUNY Korea’s First Professor Emeritus.



AnthonybwAnthony J. Pennings, PhD is a Professor at the Department of Technology and Society, State University of New York, Korea teaching broadband policy and ICT for sustainable development. From 2002-2012 he was on the faculty of New York University where he taught digital economics and information systems management. He also taught in the Digital Media MBA at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas, where he lives when not in South Korea.


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